Our main focus in growing the Agape Church is to find new Christians, rather than congregation members who have moved from other churches (with the exception of those who have moved from Indonesia to Australia). The approach used to reach out to newcomers is through pastoral counselling, that is by finding people who are facing problems and assisting them in resolving their problems and meeting their needs

The pastor's vision is "I will search for the lost and bring him back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak" (Ez 34:16). With this calling the Church also formed a special ministry called "Agape City Care". Through this ministry, the pastor together with his team, minister to the Indonesian community in Sydney, including providing services as a Chaplain at the Univerity of Technology (2002-2012) and as a visiting Chaplain at the Corrective Center in Sydney.

The foundation of this ministry was inspired by a book called "The Eight Essesntial Qualities For A Healthy Church" (1998: 22-37) authored by an expert in church growth, Christian Schwarz. Three of the eight qualities that were emphasised are "Holistic Small Group", "Need-oriented Evangelism" and "Loving Relationship".

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